FCOM in action


How it works

Get a code from the bot

PM the bot with register, and it'll give you a code to use with the client.

Enter your callsign and bot code

Enter your callsign and bot code into the FCOM client. This lets it detect and forward your messages.

Receive messages via Discord PM

Messages are delivered to you over Discord PM.
You'll still receive messages in your network client.

Receive IVAO and VATSIM network messages in seconds

Network messages are delivered via Discord within seconds.

This includes private messages and frequency messages beginning with your callsign.

Mobile notifications while away from the controls

Bend the rules* and walk away from the virtual cockpit.

Just install the Discord mobile app and bring your phone with you!


* The user is still responsible for following their online network's terms of service, including any possible disciplinary action taken.

Lightweight and works with any network client

Just install WinPcap (included with the client), extract everything to a location of your choice, and run!

It works with any pilot or controller client for both networks.

Free and open source

No NDAs, confidentiality agreements, closed betas, or paid subscriptions.

Everything (including the source code) is freely avilable on GitHub.



Server (bot)

Getting started

Detailed instructionsFrequently asked questions



Still need help? Ask a question in #help on the Discord server.

Client download

Latest version: 0.9.2


Windows 7 or higher
.NET Framework 4.7.1+

Discord apps


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