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Source code: client, server

FCOM captures user messages sent over FSD, a network protocol used by the massively-multiplayer online flight simulation networks IVAO and VATSIM.

Captured messages are sent to a server via REST API calls. A Discord chat bot then sends these messages to the user via Discord private messages.

FCOM is featured at the following flight simulation websites:





(this is a technical documentation project)

As part of FCOM, the FSD protocol was reverse-engineered and formally documented due to a lack of publicly-available information. This resulting documentation was then generated using MkDocs and posted online.

Reverse-engineering was done by means of network traffic analysis via Wireshark. A game client for VATSIM, vPilot, was also decompiled to expose additional info, though this info is rather limited in scope due to obfuscation by the original developer.


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